Contracts Management Consultation

HACO’s expertise is now available to the contractors/ subcontractors in the UAE in the following areas, from which they could immensely benefit.

Services offered to Contractors

  1. During the tender stage, to ensure that
    • Contractor's interests are adequately protected
    • Hidden scope and expenses are covered
    • Ambiguities/discrepancies are identified
  2. Study and advice on Letters of Intent/Acceptance
  3. Studying the Conditions of the Contract (CoC) and advise before signing contracts/subcontracts
  4. After signing the contract
    Initiation of workshops to advise on the
    • Correct interpretation of obligations, rights, and liabilities
    • Appropriate contract administrative procedures,
    • Expert opinion on claims prepared,
    • The best course of action when faced with non-certification, non-payments, non-acceptance of executed Works, non-performance of obligations, undue demands, and levying of Liquidated Damages / Penalties, etc.